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Gray Cast Iron Sprocket for Dryer Machinery Parts


There are generally two kinds of materials for casting sprockets, cast iron and cast steel, such as HT150, HT200 and ZG310-570 (ZG45).

The sprocket materials should meet three requirements:

1) strength;
2) wear resistance;
3) impact resistance.

The grey cast iron sprockets produced by our Dandong Foundry are used in the driving gear of the wood dryer.

The threaded hole of the cast iron sprocket should be kept clean without iron filings, otherwise it will affect the use. The direction of the threaded hole should be in line with the center of the larger hole. The inspectors in our foundry usually use go-no go fixed gauges to check whether the threaded holes are qualified.

Inspect the threaded hole of the sprocket

Cold shut is a serious casting defect that will affect the casting strength. Therefore, if the cast iron sprockets have cold shut defects, they must be discarded.

This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Gray Cast Iron Sprocket for Dryer Machinery Parts




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