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Grey and Nodular Cast Iron Flywheels Supplier in China


Cast iron flywheels are cost-effective and have been widely used for many production vehicles.

They are casted from proprietary iron, alloyed with a select blend of materials. After the casting has cooled, all surfaces and bolt holes are machined to specification, and then the flywheel is balanced. Cast flywheels are available in cast grey iron or nodular iron.

Cast Grey Iron Flywheels:
Cast grey iron (also called gray iron) contains flakes of graphite that develop during the cooling process. These flakes give grey iron a distinctive gray color when fractured, and they are also part of the alloy's physical properties. Gray iron flywheels can be used as a stock replacement and in mild builds, but should never be associated with racing, high horsepower, sticky drag radial tires, or engines that operate beyond 6,000 rpm.

Nodular Iron Flywheels:
Nodular iron (also referred to ductile iron) is created by an alloying process that converts gray iron's crack-promoting graphite flakes into spheres, or nodules. With this micro-structural transformation, the metal acquires superior ductile characteristics, with an outright advantage over gray iron in yield strength, elongation, and impact resistance. Nodular iron flywheels have been used as original equipment in an increasing number of applications, given the gains in modern engine horsepower and operating rpm. A nodular flywheel is an excellent—and cost-effective—choice for a high-performance street engine that's limited in use.

cast iron flywheel

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