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Grey Iron Counter Weight in China


Counter weight is used to increase their own weight to maintain balance weights. It is also called as pullback weight, counter balance weight or just counterweight. Most of counter weights were made by cast iron, especially be grey iron. In China, most of iron foundries could produce grey iron counter weights.

Types of Counter Weights

According to the applications, there are many different counter weights. The type of counter weight includes excavator counterweight, forklift counterweight, loader counterweight, agriculture counterweight, ship counterweight, train counterweight, and elevator counterweight.

Materials of Counter Weights

The material of counter weight iron includes grey iron, ductile iron and cast steel. For instance, as for excavator counter weights, they are usually made by grey iron grades HT150 and HT200 in China. As for the similar grades by other standards, they should be FC150, FC200, GG15, GG20, NO20, NO30, 150, 200.

Design of Counter Weights

The appearance of counter weight iron should be as simple as possible. In order to make good weight castings, the foundries should try to make casting parting surface as the plane, and the number should be the lowest.

The Counter weight castings should strive not to use inner cavity or with less sand cores, when using sand cores, the foundries should pay attention to make their casting process to be convenient to support the sand cores, and for air exhausting.

Production Process

In China, as for the large counter weight castings, you should use the resin sand casting process to keep the good surface quality and better dimensions. As for the small counter weight castings, the normal green sand casting process should be enough.

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