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High Quality Alloy Die Casting of Car Spare Parts



alloy die casting
1. OEM/ODM service
2. Material: zinc alloy
3. high quality and competitive price

Descriptions of aluminum casting

1. Molds: aluminum casting

2. Casting machine: 160 to 1250 ton

3. Product material: Aluminum alloy ADC12,A380, etc.,

4. Aluminum die casting gasoline engine parts with required blast or painted surface treatment

5. OEM parts range: Auto parts, motorcycle parts, boxes for gasoline engine and diesel ngine, engine parts, cylinder head, LED lighting cover. lamp covers ,pump parts, mower parts, textile machine parts, air condition parts, etc.,

6. Surface finish process: polishing, sand blasting, chromate plating, power coating and anodizing ,etc. ,according to customer's requirements.

7. Customer's drawings, specifications and samples are welcome, we are professional manufacturer which can provide you with various machining parts strictly according to your drawing or specific requirements.





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