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High Quality Cast Iron Casting



Casting Iron
Material: Iron, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron
Process: Casting+ Machining
Surface: Painting/Powder painting

What is Features of Die casting Iron?

Material: Iron, Grey Iron, Ductile Iron
Process: Casting+ blasting+ Machining
Surface finish: Plating/Painting/Nature
Market: USA & Europe
Materials: Stainless steel
Materials: Carbon steel
Materials: Irons
Materials: Aluminum /Copper
Machining process is available
Annual output: 3,600T
Customized OEM parts specifications are available (drawings or samples) Complex geometry is available
Water soluble lost wax pattern, water glass and silica sol investment casting process lines are adopted
Applications: valves, pumps and impellers, engineering vehicles, heat-resistant steel parts, railway locomotive, and others
Passed the ISO 9001:2000 certificate
Using Eco-friendly material
With Ro HS standard




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