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High Silicon Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold


Our Dandong Foundry can produce high silicon ductile iron exhaust manifolds.

Compared with the common ductile iron manifolds, the high silicon ductile iron exhaust manifolds have better heat resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperature.

The rough castings should have no dirt iron, no air holes, and no through-hole defects. If the surface of the exhaust manifold has extra material, we must polish it, and then do the shot blasting.

The sand holes of the exhaust manifold are not allowed. The burrs on the edge of the machining surface must be processed cleanly.

Rust Prevention and Packaging Requirements

After machining, our foundry will use anti-rust oil to protect the finished manifolds, and then separately pack them in plastic bags. Finally, we will pack the exhaust manifolds into a non fumigated wooden box with a moisture-proof plastic bag.

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