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High Strength Cast Iron Angel Bracket Castings

made in Chinese Foundry


We are engaged in producing an extensive range of cast iron corner bracket to our clients. These are manufactured from optimum quality components.

Main Production Process for Casting:
Sand Casting , Resin Sand Casting, Green Sand Casting, Shell Molding, Automatic Molding, Lost Wax Casting.

Applicable Material:
Ductile Iron Casting, Grey Iron Casting, or according to customer requirement.

Casting Blank Weight:
Range from 0.5kg-1000kg for casting iron.

Applicable Finish Surface Treatment:
Shot/sand blast, polishing, Primer Painting , Powder coating, ED- Coating, Chromate Plating, zinc-plate, Finish Painting etc.

Tough construction, High efficiency, High strength.

About us:
Dandong Foundry is producing cast iron and cast steel castings by various sand casting and precision casting processes, including Automatic Molding Line, Resin Sand Molding, Shell Molding, Manual Green Sand Cast Molding, Shell Molding, Lost Wax Investment Casting Process by water glass and silica sol materials.
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