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Influence Factors on The Quality

of The Gray Iron Casting Machine


Gray iron casting machine quality including machine casting appearance quality, gray iron casting machine inner quality and machine tool castings use quality. Refers to the appearance quality of the gray iron casting machine surface roughness, surface defect, size deviation, shape deviation, weight deviation; Inner quality mainly refers to the machine tool castings chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties and metallographic structure and in machine casting internal hole, crack, inclusion, segregation, etc; Use quality refers to the machine tool castings under different conditions of work endurance ability, including wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to chill shock hot, fatigue, shock absorption properties and cutting resistance, weldability and process performance.

Machine casting quality of mechanical products has great influence on the performance. For example, machine casting abrasion resistance and dimensional stability, directly affects the precision of the machine tool to keep life; All kinds of pump impeller and casing and hydraulic parts inner chamber size, type line accuracy and surface roughness, directly influence the pump and hydraulic system work efficiency, energy consumption and the development of corrosion, etc.; Internal combustion engine cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder, piston ring, such as pipe casting strength and resistance to chill shock hot sex, directly affecting the working life of the engine.

Influence factors on the quality of the gray iron casting machine are those?

First, the manufacturability of machine casting design. Machine casting design, besides according to the working conditions and metal material performance to determine machine casting geometric shape, size outside, still must from casting alloy and casting process characteristic point of view to consider the rationality of the design, i.e., the apparent size effect and solidification and shrinkage, stress, in order to avoid or reduce machine casting composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects generation;

Second, the reasonable casting processes. According to machine casting structure, the weight and size, casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, choose appropriate parting surface and modelling, core making method, setting up reasonable casting steel, cold iron, riser and gating system, etc. To ensure that you get the high quality machine casting;

Three, casting machine cast with the quality of the raw materials. Metal charging, refractory materials, fuel, additive, inoculant and casting sand, sand adhesive, paint, etc of the quality of the material not standard, can make the machine tool castings produced porosity, pore, slag inclusion, adhering sand casting defects such as, affect the appearance quality and internal quality, serious worsened machine casting scrap;

Four, machine casting process, to make the reasonable machine casting process procedures, improve the technical level of workers, machine casting procedure to get the right implementation.




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