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Introduction about Ductile Casting Manufacture,

Ductile Iron Casting Parts


Casting is one of the foundation of modern machinery manufacturing industry technology. Ductile casting manufacturing industry is facing more frequency to speed up the manufacture object, personalized prominent processing object, because in front of the machine tool industry provides processing and manufacturing equipment, product variety is also the same requirements.

Ductile casting technology is a kind of electromagnetism pump low pressure casting technology as the core, with compound purification technology of aluminium alloy smelting and modelling and core making new process technology, production of high quality ductile casting the modern molding technology.

Ductile casting quantity and size range is very wide, the lightest weight only a few grams, but most can be up to 400 tons, the wall thickness is the most thick can be more than 1 m long, and the thinnest is only 0.5 mm.

Ductile casting method is commonly used resin sand casting, lost foam casting, followed by special casting method, general appearance quality of the ductile casting, ductile castings surface roughness comparison specimens to determine available; Small crack on the surface of the available color, magnetic particle inspection. Ductile casting foundry method with batch production, low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting method, for equipment and tooling is expensive, so only suitable for mass production.

Let's chat in the for of nc machine tool industry have to say. Numerical control machine tool of a control system with a French automation machine tools. The control system is able to handle the with logic control code or other symbols instructions stipulated by the French, numerical control machine tool is digital control machine tools. And its decoding, so that machine tool CNC bending machine and machining parts.

Nc machine tool technology USES classification can be divided into metal forming nc machine tool, numerical control special machine tools and other types of numerical control equipment, these three categories. If AnYun methods of classification of words can be divided into linear control, position control and profile control, if the control mode and can be divided into half closed loop control, closed loop control, open loop control.

For nc machine tool maintenance is also important, CNC maintenance personnel, operators and managers shall jointly do the job. Matter in nc machine tool maintenance, former, do a good job of preventive maintenance is to use an important link in the process of nc machine tools. Is the key to have a practical and feasible maintenance aftercare system, led to seriously, equipment supervisor unit system, should be inspected regularly to ensure that the machine always in good running condition, prevent and reduce the malignant accident.

Our factory mainly produces various grades of ductile castings, castings, impeller, pump body pump shell, alloy casting, etc.




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