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 Introduction about High-strength Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe


Ductile iron pipe so far in the world has become the material of choice on the water, and it should be gradually extended gas pipeline system, the reason is that with the strength of steel, ductile iron pipe and the required elongation, but the corrosion resistance is more than twice the steel pipe. Flexible interface can effectively play the vibration damping effect.

GB / T 13295-2008 water and gas pipes with ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories
Ductile iron pipe as a new pipe, its better performance in: excellent mechanical properties, saving metal; simple construction, integrated project cost economy, high reliability, corrosion resistance, safe water gas; pipelines for water supply, water supply pipe network, pipeline network, gas pipeline network in the field of long life is a ductile iron, carbon, silicon alloys, in which spherical carbon-free state in the presence of graphite.

Gray cast iron, iron flake graphite matrix production "fragmented" effect. Make it brittle. Nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite eliminate this damaging effects to make it tough. Nature has iron, steel properties.

Ductile iron pipe with excellent mechanical properties and from external quality, is the cause of piped water bearer, its superior bearing capacity, reliable sealing performance, unmatched corrosion protection and water quality assurance system, making piped water Branch near perfect, even in complex terrain balanced saline soils, wetlands and high slope and deserts, but also supply task well done

Centrifugal ductile iron pipe and pressure resistance and tensile strength steel rather than gray cast iron pipe extending rate is greatly improved, with good tough type; not only overcome the shortcomings of gray iron pipe easy to break, but also to avoid the pipe in under greater pressure variable type of undesirable phenomena. Thus, ductile iron pipe on the seismic capacity of the effect is significant, but also significantly extend the useful life, as long as 50-70 years.
Ductile iron pipe has replaced ordinary cast iron pipe, most currently seen in the municipal engineering and installation works, water supply, gas and other pipeline.

Ductile iron pipe is a pipe produced by centrifugal casting process, the material is ductile iron. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, water, petroleum and urban public construction projects of various pipeline can transport water, gas and other fluids. It has the essence of iron, steel performance, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, is the traditional cast iron pipe and ordinary steel replacements. In addition, the centrifugal ductile iron pipe straight is good, smooth surface, accurate size, wall thickness, good mechanical properties, coating adhesion firm, using T-socket type flexible interface, apron seal, easy to install.

[Ductile iron pipe strength than ordinary cast iron pipe]
Ductile iron and cast iron in general contain graphite monomer, that is a mixture of cast iron and graphite. Ordinary flake graphite cast iron in the presence of very low intensity of graphite, so the gap is equivalent to the existence of much sheet iron, so ordinary cast iron strength is relatively low, more brittle. Graphite cast iron is spherical graphite, many equivalent spherical voids in the presence of iron. Effects of spherical voids strength than cast iron sheet gap are small, so many high-strength ductile cast iron than ordinary strength. High-strength ductile iron pipe, of course the more popular it!




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