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 Investment Casting Process,

Advantages, Investment Castings in China


Investment Casting

The investment casting process was one of the earliest processes used to produce metal castings. The process has been described as the lost wax process, precision casting and investment casting. The latter name generally has been accepted to distinguish the present industrial process from artistic, medical and jewelry applications.

Investment casting process

In investment casting, patterns are produced in dies via injection molding. For the most part, the patterns are made of wax; however, some patterns are made of plastic or polystyrene. Because the tooling cost for individual wax patterns is high, investment casting normally is used when high volumes are required. When cores are required, they are made of soluble wax or ceramic materials.


Investment casting has many advantages including:
Excellent surface finishes
Tight dimensional tolerances
Reduced or eliminated machining requirements
Can be used to cast titanium and other super alloys
Significant cost savings for high volume production

Is investment casting the right option for you?

Investment casting is a precision casting process for manufacturing intricate parts and complex shapes that cannot be readily produced by other techniques or there are large volume demands. Our cast parts can be found throughout the pulp & paper and wood processing industries, where tools with very precise design elements are required, and the plastics and oil & gas industries where high volumes are required. We provide investment castings for a variety of detailed parts including:
Doctor fingers (Pulp &Paper)
Teeth Inserts and Holders (Wood Processing)
Knife Holders (Plastic Industry)
Relief Valves (Oil & Gas)

We offer our investment casting to produce an actual cast part to test for form, fit and function. This prototype cast part allows us to determine the approximate final properties of the cast parts. Rapid Prototype technology increases the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of the casting. Contact us the learn more about our services.





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