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Low Pressure Aluminum Casting


One of the major advantages of low pressure casting is the smaller gating system compared to gravity casting. Feeders are normally not necessary (head feeders only in the minority of cases) which reduces the cycle material. In low pressure casting, cycle material is 5 % to 20 % of casting weight whereas in gravity casting it can be up to 100 %. Less gating material also means that costs for cleaning, trimming and melting-down can be reduced significantly. Costs for cleaning are mainly personnel costs, especially for jobbing foundries with small quantities for which automated cleaning or press punching is not profitable at all. Considering increasing energy costs, which means EURO / kg melting, each kilogram of unnecessary melting should be avoided.


1. Low pressure casting
2. Casting in high quality
3. Rich experience
4. ISO9001

Low pressure casting:

1: Material: Based on the standard of ASTM, JIS, BS and DIN, as per customers' needs.
2. Surface treatment: polishing shot blasting, chromate plating, power coated, anodizing etc.
3. Used software: AutoCAD, PRO/Engineer, CNC, Solidwork, UG. etc
4. Machine: EDM, CNC, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Wire Cutting Machine, Chemical Milling, Welder, etc






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