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Metal Casting Quality, Use Quality,

Appearance Quality and Inner Quality


All kinds of metal casting mainly include the use of quality, appearance quality, intrinsic quality.

Use quality refers to the hardware casting under different conditions, including work endurance ability to wear, corrosion resistance, resistance to chill shock hot, fatigue, shock absorption properties and machinability, weldability and process performance.

Appearance quality refers to the hardware casting surface roughness, surface defects, size deviation, shape deviation, weight deviation.

Inner quality refers to the chemical composition of metal casting, physical properties, mechanical properties, microstructure and in metal casting internal hole, crack, inclusion, segregation, etc;

Metal casting quality of mechanical products has great influence on the performance. Machine hardware casting abrasion resistance and dimensional stability, directly affects the precision of the machine tool to keep life; All kinds of pump impeller, shell and hydraulic parts inner chamber size, type line accuracy and surface roughness, directly influence the pump and hydraulic system work efficiency, energy consumption and the development of corrosion, etc.; Exhaust pipe cylinder block, cylinder head, internal combustion engine cylinder, piston ring, such as metal casting strength and resistance to chill shock hot sex, directly affects the working life of the engine.





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