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Norway NS11 100 SJG200 Gray Cast Iron


SJG200 is a common material grade of grey cast iron according to Norway standard NS11 100, it is also known as GG20 in Germany and Austria standard DIN 1691.

Equivalent grades for NS11 100 SJG200 Gray Cast Iron:
This material has equal cast iron grades in other countries, such as EN-GJL-200 in European, HT200 in China, FC200 in Japan, CLASS 30 in USA, G20 in Italy, FGL200 in France, 200 in UK, FG20 in Spain, FGG20 in Belgium, T220 in Australia, O120 in Sweden or ISO Grade 200.

The chemical composition for NS11 100 SJG200 Gray Cast Iron:
The normal chemical composition for SJG200 gray cast iron is as the following:
C: 2.9-3.65, Si: 1.8-2.9, Mn: 0.5-0.7, S: 0.10 max, P: 0.30 max
This is just an experience data. According to the related standards, the mechanical properties are the inspection standard. The iron foundries can adjust the chemical components according to their own experience.

The mechanical properties for NS11 100 SJG200 Gray Cast Iron:
Tensile Strength: 200-300 Mpa
Yield Strength: 130-195 Mpa
Brinell hardness is about 135 - 260 BHN.
Elongation A5 (%) <1
Only the tensile strength is the quality inspection standard. Other mechanical properties are only for reference unless the buyers have particular requirements.

The applications for NS11 100 SJG200 Gray Cast Iron:
SJG200 grey cast iron has very wide application in residential and industrial fields. It can be used to produce castings with moderate load, such as the base, frame, box, knife, bed, bearing seat, table, wheels, cover, pump, valve, pipe, flywheel, motor blocks, and can also be used for making castings withstand greater load and a certain degree of tightness or corrosion resistance, such as cylinder, gear, base, flywheels, bed, cylinder block, cylinder liner, piston, gear box, brake wheel, coupling Plate, medium pressure valve, stove parts, exhaust manifolds, etc.

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