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Process of Aluminum Sand Casting,

Aluminum Casting in China


Step 1--Pattern making

Pattern is a physical model for us to make aluminum sand castings, we could make pattern in wood, metal material. Wood pattern is more suitable for large parts with small quantity. If the product is small with high accuracy, then we suggest metal pattern for longer working life. If the inside structure of aluminum sand casting is hollow, expect the basic pattern, we still need to make a steel mold for sand core.

Step 2--Filling in sand

To form the cavity, we will fill sand in the both sides of pattern fully and press the sand with a tool so that it is filled tightly enough. After taking away the middle wood pattern, we could see the cavity formed.

Step 3--Sprue gate

Sprue gate is the channel where we will pour aluminum alloy liquid into the cavity. Using a bar to drill two small round holes and exhaust vent in different places.

Step 4--Pouring

Pouring is the key step to make aluminum sand castings. Before pouring, we need to melt the aluminum alloy bars into liquid in melting furnace under high temperature. Then pour the aluminum liquid into the mold.

Step 5--Cooling

After pouring, cooling the pattern for a while and take the solid aluminum sand casting directly from the pattern, then you will see blanks formed.

Step 6--Cutting

Cut the sprue from aluminum sand casting blanks to get finished aluminum sand castings.

Step 7--Post treatment

Post treatments for aluminum sand casting like heat treatment, machining, surface treatment (painting, powder coating, ect) and package for delivery.





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