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Process When Steel Foundry Making Steel Castings in China


Steel foundry is a factory that produces steel castings. Steel foundry is a keyword for steel casting buyer or purchaser to search on the internet. Our foundry is such a Chinese steel foundry to manufacture steel castings, like alloy steel castings, carbon steel castings, stainless steel castings. We could make all the steel castings according to our customer's drawing or sample. Such steel castings could be used almost all the heavy machinery industries, like agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ect.

Different process according to the weight of steel castings

Investment casting--Investment casting process is a casting process for small steel castings. It could make steel castings ranging from 0.1kg-60kg. Investment casting uses wax as molding material.

Sand casting-Sand casting is a casting process for larger steel castings. With sand casting, steel castings which are more than 60kg could be made. But the surface finish will be worse than sand casting.

Learn more about the differences between investment castings and sand castings......

Process when steel foundry making steel castings

When manufacturing steel castings, we could divided the process into five main steps.

Step1. Mould design and making--After receiving sample or drawing from customer, we would first ask mould factory to do mould design, after that using cnc equipment to machine the molding directly.

Step2. Pouring--Before pouring, we need to melt steel material in a furnace and heating under high temperature condition until it comes into liquid, then pouring steel water into the cavity and cooling for a few minutes so that it could change into solidification.

Step3. Degating--Degating to get net shape steel castings and then wait for heat treatment.

Step 4. Heat treatment--After degating, send the steel castings to heat treatment factory, so that it could reach required mechanical properties. And then shot blasting.

Step 5. Surface treatment--Surface treatments like painting, powder coating, ect could also be done by our foundry.

Step 6. Delivery-Pack the steel castings well and deliver to our customers.

Comparing with other steel foundries, what advantages do my steel foundry have?

*Port advantages--Located in Dandong, China, so it is very convenient for my foundry to send steel castings to our customers. Also it will save much freight costs.

*Price--Comparing with other steel foundries, our prices are reasonable and competitive. We just win very little profit.

*Lead time--Besides competitive price, we are always in hurry status to ensure we could finish the production in the shortest time.

So, if you have any purchasing plan for steel castings, pls do not hesitate, just contact us right now. We will be pleased to send you our best price for reference first.





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