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Processing Technology of Ductile Casting, Iron Foundry in China


Ductile casting processing technology got the quick development of their ears, ductile castings processing industry has been highly automated, has already become an important sector to modern industry.

The technology is the most rapidly growing, semi-continuous casting and horizontal ductile castings, plate and strip rolling, annealing without oxygen, etc., the technological progress makes the production process shortened, ductile castings consumption has decreased, the stability of the product quantity is in constant increase, ductile castings in China in the future development of the Lord is the product of pure, and provide the high quality and the development direction, for those small batch shall establish professional production line of enterprise, to adapt to greater production methods.

Is very widely used ductile castings mainly used in machinery, and some ductile castings are precision ductile casting ductile castings are used in some instruments used so to the requirement of ductile casting quality is higher, but the precision ductile casting defect for repair, because the argon welding heat affected big, repair will cause deformation of ductile castings, lower hardness, crack, pinhole, wear and tear, such as secondary defects, so the precision ductile casting defect repair is not recommended that you use argon welding, you can use cold welding, cold welding machine overcomes the above advantages, cold welder ductile castings without preheating, there would be no because of the high temperature of welding repair at room temperature of sand holes, partial annealing, craze, pinhole, wear until condition and without deformation, bite edge and residual stress, and will not change the metal organization, ductile castings is to mend the efficiency is very high so cold welding machine is suitable for the repair precision ductile castings.




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