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Purchase Lower Price of Investment Casting From China


Many overseas companies prefer to purchase investment casting from China. Then why do they like to do that? Normally, investment castings from China are 50-60 cheaper than that of European and American countries. Maybe you guess the investment castings from China foundry is rubbish. I can tell you that is a mistake. For the long history of investment casting technology in China, investment casting process is getting much more mature than before. We could not only do investment casting blanks, but also offer machining service as well, and supply finished products to our customers directly. Nowadays more and more overseas customers tend to buy the investment castings from China. More investment casting advantages......

Now we would like to give a comprehensive view of it.

Cheaper cost of raw material

Purchasing investment casting material from material factory is the first step to make investment castings. In China, the raw material is also much cheaper than that of developed countries. And we are also the long-term customer of material factory, so they also offer us competitive prices with high quality, so that we could maintain good business relations with them. Also the delivery time is also shortest.

Low labor cost

In China, for large amounts of population, the supplying market is much larger than that of demand market. So the salary of labor is low, and they have to add working time to make more money. Although the labor right is protected by law, it is not so effective. And in developed countries, for its small population, the labor costs seem very high, that is why some Chinese peoples go to developed countries to achieve more salary.

Other sources for making investment castings

In addition to raw material, workers, investment casting foundries also need to buy casting machines, machining equipments and testing equipments to finish investment casting production. All these machines or equipments are not imported, but from equipments factory directly, so the equipments cost is also not high. And these equipments could serve many years.

Good export policy from China government

In general, all the Chinese enterprises need to pay taxes to our government, which is the biggest income of our government. To encourage domestic enterprises to export goods, China government make it a rule that some tax will be reduced for exported countries. And the reduced taxes will be decided on the name of products. So many investment casting foundries are willing to do business with overseas companies, even if the prices of investment castings are very low sometime.





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