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Stainless Steel Fibers for Automotive Industry


For nearly a decade, the foundry has been supplying innovative products to the Automotive industry. Few 3rd tier suppliers are as innovative.

From novel acoustic absorption materials for silencers to heat-resistant and wear-resistant products for brake pads. From new materials for Catalytic Convertor substrates that increase strength but reduce weight, to alloys currently under development for the easy reinforcement of Metal Matrix Composites, the foundry hasn’t stopped innovating, offering product designers specialist, tailor-made alloys in a range of sizes and forms that were simply not available or possible before.

The secret is the foundry’s patented Melt Overflow Technology. Steelmakers know as Rapid Solidification (RS) technology. Customers know it as the route to unique performance benefits at an affordable cost.


1. Stainless steel fibers used in automotive silencers and brake pads.

Use of Stainless Steel Fibers in Refractories

Melt Extract stainless steel fibers reinforce refractories against cracking to extend and enhance refractory lifetimes. Melt extract fibres can be added to all monolithic refractories, from insulating to ultra low cement castables, rammables and mouldables, precast shapes, gunning and shotcreting mixes. Steel fiber reinforced refractories are now commonplace in a wide range of high temperature processing industries.

the foundry melt extract fibers impart increased strength and resistance to thermal cycling, steep thermal gradients and mechanical shock, minimising damage and delaying failure caused by cracking. By increasing refractory lifetimes steel fiber refractory reinforcement (SFRR) offers the end user a reduction in downtime and substantial savings in materials and labour costs.

2. Stainless steel reinforced refractories in high temperature applications.

Application of Stainless Steel Fibers in Incinerators

Incinerators place high demands on refractories, as it is difficult to regulate and control incineration processes unlike other high temperature processing industries such as steel. Rapid temperature increases and thermal shock together with mechanical damage caused by handling waste create an ‘ideal’ environment for stainless steel fiber reinforcement. The complex design of furnaces, a need for efficient repairs and cost considerations have led to a move away from bricks and an increase in the use of ultra low cement castables. The end user has a choice of fiber alloys and lengths to suit different temperature ranges, atmospheric conditions and refractory lining dimensions.





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