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Steel Castings Advantages, Applications


When it comes to assuring value, there’s no substitute for experience. We combine an unrivaled range of application expertise and engineering experience to offer customers a truly one-of-a-kind resource. Our unique knowledge base routinely offers innovative solutions that minimize initial cost while maximizing overall lifetime value.

Concurrent engineering techniques can significantly reduce total component production time. For example, computer-aided solidification simulation models evaluate everything from cooling times to problem areas before molten metal ever hits the mold. This technique helps assure a quality result in a time and cost-efficient manner. Plus, our extensive metallurgical expertise—including custom engineered chrome-nickel-moly cast steels—allows you to take advantage of higher through-harnesses and improved machine ability.

Process advancements set new standards for heavy-section steel casting quality. We use bottom-pour ladles to minimize oxidation, thus ensuring unparalleled casting integrity. Castings can be poured at the rate of up to a ton per second achieving unit weight capacities of up to 45,359 kg (100,000 lbs). Plus, unique risering techniques enhance the integrity of the finished product. In the case of one drag line center pintle casting, we were able to produce a cast solution with quality and reliability characteristics that exceeded a forged-fabricated component. And we were able to do it in less time at a significantly lower price.

Overall application engineering innovations help customers around the world minimize their total cost of ownership. Our split riding ring is a classic example of ingenuity in action. This unique design reduces installation time from six days or more to approximately three shifts. It also minimizes shipping and crane rental costs. It’s just one of the many ways we work with customers to develop new and better ways to deliver the best lifetime value.

Understanding Your Applications
We are our most critical casting user and, therefore, have a sincere understanding of what our customers need. Through years of testing and analysis experience as the leading manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment, we have has developed firsthand experience regarding data for tensile strength, yield strength, fatigue strength and hardenability of our alloy steels. Our alloy cast steels have shown meritorious service for heavily loaded gears, coupling hubs and numerous other castings used in the construction, mining, cement, paper and automotive industries.





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