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 The Advantage of Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe fittings


Modern ductile iron pipe is made to last over 100 years, and is an environmentally preferable product, both in its recycled content and its own recyclability.

Benefits include:

1. Ductile iron pipe is made from 100% recycled ferritic scrap—and is itself a 100% recyclable material.

2. Lower pumping costs from increased flow capacity lead to significant energy savings during the pipe's lifetime in service. Ductile iron saves money.

3. It requires very little maintenance once it's installed and is designed to last for well over 100 years.

4. It is resistant to corrosion in most soils, and typically requires only effective, economical polyethylene encasement in more aggressive environments.

5. It is strong enough to withstand the most severe conditions, from high-pressure applications, to heavy earth and traffic loads, to unstable soil conditions.

6. Ductile iron pipe is rugged and resists damage during handling and installation

7. It has tremendous burst strength, making it ideal for high-pressure applications and protection against sudden pressure surges. With its conservative design and high safety factor, it can also accommodate increased pressure loadings over the years, factors that may not have been anticipated when the pipe was first designed and installed.

8. Deflectable joints and the ability to be cut in the field make installing ductile iron simple and safe; and they make it adapt to unforeseen field conditions.

9. Ductile iron pipe can be direct-tapped in the field, and it does not require complex laying schedules or line-drawings. Other pipe materials require specific and sometimes extensive sidefill support.

10. Due to its metallic nature, it is easy to locate, even years after it was installed; and, if a leak should occur, that leak is easier to find and repair.

11. Rare leaks that may occur are not catastrophic—they can be repaired in-place using repair sleeves without requiring the replacement of whole sections or lengths of pipe.





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