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The advantages of foam filters in casting industry


In foundry production, when liquid metal by the holding furnace injection mold, there is still such a problem, which at this stage any turbulence produces thin scale. These defects not only not "cure", but also as a weak spot in the cast iron pieces, and often due to leakage caused by the gap between wall and make the pressure test failure.

Foam filter can be used as sometimes Gao Bai ORR (Kalpu r A l) device used for A variety of sand mold casting. In casting, they not only can reduce the iron content of nonmetallic inclusions in, still can save significantly with sand. Before using filters, for example, sprue usually stick on 2 m long cast aluminum pieces of the ends of the rail. Now just simply put them through the located at the top of the filter. This significantly reduces the width of the long sand mold, thereby reducing the requirement of resin bonded sand. In addition, improve the quality of the castings, but also decrease the casting cleaning.

Turbulent flow in gating system tend to occur in the front of the sprue and runner bar etc. If within the sprue bar placed across a foam filter, then the first metal flow is blocked, to fill the sprue, is the smooth casting, so as to prevent the formation of scale. Foam filter is only with the performance of the filter.

Do not use filter when pouring casting sprue is not completely filled with, a mixture of air and liquid metal is suitable sprue. Result form oxidation film, and entrainment of air into the cavity, so as to reduce the mechanical properties of castings and may lack the pressure tightness.

Foam filters for casting industry not only provides the ability to remove the impurity content in the metal flow, and can control pouring quantity of pouring smoothly. This ability when pouring directly, not only can improve the quality standard of casting, and the more important is that it changed the way the casting production.





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