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The Application of Ductile Iron Pipe

in Groove Fittings Connection Technology


Ductile iron pipe used in groove fittings connection technology is also called clamp connection technology, has become the current liquid, gas pipe connection of the first technology, although the technology in domestic development time later than abroad, but as a result of its technical sophistication, soon be received in the domestic market.

Begin from 1998 research and development to now, after just a few years of development and application of ductile iron pipe has gradually replaced the flange and welding of the two traditional pipe connection modes. Not only technology more mature, but also the market is generally recognized by the national laws and regulations, and actively guide policy.

Groove fittings connection technology of application, make complex pipe connection process becomes simple, quick and convenient. Make pipe connection technology exceed forward a big step. Ductile iron pipe groove connection pipe fittings include two categories of products:

(1) The sealing function of the connection of pipe fittings have rigid joint, bending resistance joint, mechanical tee and groove type flange;

(2) The connection of the role transition fittings have elbow, the three links, stone, reducer, blind plate, etc. The connection of the sealing function of the groove connection pipe fittings is made up of three main parts: sealing rubber ring, clamp and locking bolt. Located in the inner of the rubber seal on the outside of the pipe is connected, and advance rolled groove match, ductile iron pipe again on rubber ring external buckle on band, then use two single bolt fastening can. Because of its rubber seal and clamp using special can seal structure design, make groove fittings has good sealing, and with the tube fluid pressure increased, the sealing corresponding enhancement

Ductile iron pipe installation note

1. Enter the pipeline must wear safety helmet

2. Carefully check whether there is a trench landslide danger, no safety is never into groove

3. In the large diameter pipe use correct jack, should hold up and down two people is the one who holds to

4. The interface operation, should try to use cotton gloves

5. Into the already installed the interface or tube for hydraulic pressure test tube deep, low pressure casting used mold, metal type and non-metallic type two kinds.

Metal type used to large, mass production of the non-ferrous metal casting, non-metallic cast more for single small batch production, such as sand, graphite type, ceramic type and fusion model shell, etc, can be used in low pressure casting, and the production of more or sand. But low pressure casting sand mold with the molding material permeability and strength should be specific gravity force pouring is high, the cavity of the gas, all by exhaust air duct and sand pore eduction. Casting compact structure, high mechanical properties; improving the metal liquid process yield, usually don't need riser, the metal liquid yield greatly improved.





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