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The Applications of the Cast Iron, Iron Castings Made in China


Cast Iron, also called the Gray Iron, is one of the widely used alloys in the Iron and Metal industry. The alloy is extensively used by various industries for the making of robust and rust-free automotive components.
The main elements in making Cast Iron are:
These elements in Cast Iron are found in different amounts varying from 2.1 to 4wt% and 1 to 3 wt% respectively. The Cast Iron is further aggregated with other metal and alloys for the processing required in different applications.

Although various metals such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, etc are majorly used for ferrous casting, but the Investment Casting Foundries give preference to Cast Iron due to its wide composition compatibility. The Cast Iron can be used in various compositions such as Malleable Cast Iron, Ductile Iron etc.

Discussed Here Are Some Of The Applications Of The Cast Iron:

White Cast Iron:

The White Cast Iron is categorized as Cermet. The Lower Silicon and Metastable Phase Cementite are present in the White Cast Iron rather than Graphite. The White Cast Iron gives perfect hardness and toughness rate and it is widely used in the fabrication of hard structural components. The White Cast Iron is extensively used in making various Industrial components which includes Shell Liners, Slurry Pumps, Lifter Bars in the Ball Mills & Grinding Mills, and Backhoe Bucket.

Grey Cast Iron:

The Grey Cast Iron Manufacturers offer it in bulk quantity for the making of a number of engineering components such as Oil Pan, Frames, Hammer, Machine Base, Wheels, Valve, Motor Blocks and many more. The Grey Cast Iron is differentiated by its Graphitic Microstructure. It contains 2.5 to 4% Carbon and 1% to 3% Silicon, which make it less shock resistance in comparison to Malleable Iron. The Grey Cast Iron also has less strength then the Carbon Steel.

Malleable Cast Iron:

The properties of Malleable Cast Iron are very much similar to the properties of Mild Steel. There are various chemical elements such as Carbon, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sulfur, etc. present in the Malleable Cast Iron. The Malleable Cast Iron is heat treated with the Carbon Alloys which further hardens with the Graphite free structures. The Malleable Cast Iron is highly used in the industrial applications for its superior hardness and ductile feature.

Cast Iron and its compositions are used in a diversity of industrial applications. The Automobile sector is one place where the Cast Iron is extensively used for the making of higher strength and rust free automotive components. To find a trusted Cast Iron Manufacturer in China nowadays is very easy. All one has to do is search online and get hold of a company that can supply the products meeting industrial specifications and your budget.




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