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The Development of Large Ductile Casting in China


China's economy in rapid development, makes China's industry also fly boom, casting as China's industrial essential part of course is often taken for granted and to develop up, casting can be divided into large ductile casting, aluminum casting, copper casting and so on the many kinds of industrial applications, but the most widely used is the most large ductile casting the. Large ductile casting as a large mechanical main parts, its quality is very important, decided to large ductile casting quality of the main criteria is its casting process, large machine tool castings including is by lathe, milling machine, the planer, the grinding machine, CNC machine tools, etc.

Large ductile casting is often a single small batch production no ready tooling sand box greater investment especially CNC machine tool bed structure shape than force complicated in shape production, sand core fastening, such as modelling operation there is a big difficulty, its material requirements has good accuracy stability, compressive strength and shock resistance good cutting performance and castability its hardness requirements 180241 HB hardness difference HB acuities 35. Casting the biggest characteristic is to guide a long in general a few meters or more than ten meters very can easily lead to bending deformation and guide is very large and thick in general and ~ 100 mm guide easy to produce tissue defect, especially 10 m long guide to ensure that no hole blister is more difficult.

Improve the immanent quality of castings. Metal heat treatment is one of the important mechanical manufacturing technology, large ductile casting must after heat treatment punishment ability to improve their performance. Compared with other processing technology, heat treatment punish generally does not change the shape of the workpiece and the chemical composition of the whole, but through the change of the internal microstructure, or change the surface chemical composition, gift or improve the performance, its characteristic is to improve the inner quality.

With China's rapid economic growth and the recovery of the economy, the international market is large ductile casting resources in short supply, prices, in order to speed up the development of large scale ductile casting localization, break through the bottleneck of heavy equipment manufacturing industry, avoid are, the domestic large ductile casting main manufacturers began to speed up the pace of development.




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