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The importance of ductile casting quality in mechanical industry


Ductile casting quality of mechanical industry influence

Ductile casting quality for mechanical product performance has a great influence, directly affects the precision of the pattern in ductile castings and the mechanical performance, ductile castings must carry on the strict quality control and inspection, generally for ductile castings appearance quality, faster way of judgment are available, and if the ductile casting rough or have a slight crack on the surface of the said when the ductile castings is unqualified product, ductile castings internal quality check will need to use audio, ultrasonic, X-ray, eddy current, to check the amount and judgment.

Of course, in the production of ductile casting will be some problems in the process of casting, casting problem is mostly after processing after pressure testing, thus causing the waste of raw materials and energy, in order to solve the problem of ductile casting rejection rate is high, the production will take the most the measures that is "infiltration" impregnation means, under certain conditions the impregnation to micro pore, ductile castings after curing percolate into the pore of the packing and casting pore walls in the perfect, the can wall microporous letter, so allowing ductile castings can be full of pressure and seepage control technology.

Prevent work

On the wall in order to avoid the above problems we will from the production and processing time will be up to prevent work, in order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, at the time of processing must be strictly in accordance with the process of the process, serious and responsible do melting casting problem, strictly enforce process discipline, makes every effort to do it fast and smelting of quality, to strive to achieve rapid melting, when aluminum alloy smelting. To cover aluminum alloy with flux level, in order to prevent aluminium alloy inspiratory, once the abnormal in the production process, to timely and on-site technical personnel contact, take decisive measures to deal with.

Ductile castings "electrolytic polishing"

Ductile castings "electrolytic polishing" is very important "electrolytic polishing" can further improve the quality of surface, the oxide can improve the corrosion resistance, so you don't need a shock, for ductile castings, anodic oxidation was often encountered, but have to say, the casting process of aluminum alloy are hard to do, is very good, pure aluminum profiles and alloy composition on this rather than itself.




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