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Trunnion Pivot Bracket for Hydraulic Cylinder


Trunnion Pivot Bracket is a main accessory for various hydraulic cylinders. Some trunnion brackets are made by cast steel, but many trunnion brackets are made by ductile iron castings.

The lower and upper trunnions suit vehicles with a front sloping tipping body. The outer cover cylinder will be installed on the tipping body with upper trunnion brackets.

The trunnion mount cylinders offer a mounting style allowing for increased capacity in the dump body.

The trunnion type tipping cylinders bring reduced weight and faster tipping to on-road rigids and (semi-) trailers.

Our Dandong has produced various ductile iron and cast steel trunnion brackets for our clients in USA, Italy and Poland.

Because of copy right, we can not show the trunnion brackets we produced on website, the following trunnion brackets are very same as what we produced.


Trunnion Pivot Bracekts for Hydraulic Cylinders


This article is from our Dandong Foundry's Trunnion Pivot Bracket for Hydraulic Cylinder



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