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What is Casting and Classification Method of Casting


Casting is defined: the casting method has a certain shape, microstructure and mechanical properties of metal parts. Castings, cast in a variety of methods for metal forming objects, namely the smelting good liquid metal, with casting, injection, inhaled, or other casting methods into the prepared mold, after cooling the shakeout and cleaning, and post-treatment of a certain shape, size and properties of objects.

Casting has a variety of classification method: according to the different metal materials used, divided into steel casting, iron casting, copper casting, aluminum casting, magnesium castings, titanium zinc castings, castings, etc. And each type of castings can be according to their chemical composition or the microstructure is further divided into different kinds. Such as iron castings can be divided into grey iron castings, ductile castings, malleable pieces, vermicular casting, alloy casting, etc.

According to cast molding method is different, can be divided into ordinary sand mold casting, the casting metal mold casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, continuous casting parts, investment casting, ceramic type casting, electroslag casting pieces, double metal castings and so on. With ordinary sand mould castings used most, accounts for about 80% of the total casting production. And non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc castings, is die casting. My factory produces various ductile castings, castings, wear-resistant castings, pump body, pump casing, impeller skeleton.




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