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Why is Grey Cast Iron So Popular? Properties and Uses


Grey Cast Iron is made by remelting pig iron. It is an alloy of Carbon and Iron. Small amounts of Silicon, Phosphorus, Manganese and Sulfur are also present in it. The reasons behind its popularity are: ability to make complex structures and low cost. In addition, the excellent properties of Grey Cast Iron have made it one of the most widely used alloys. Its properties are as follows:

High Compressive Strength
This strength is defined by the endurance of any metal or alloy to withstand its compressive forces. Grey Cast Iron has a high compressive strength and that’s why, it is widely used in posts and columns of buildings. In addition, their compressive strength can be as high as that of some Mild Steels.

Tensile Strength
There are different varieties of Grey Cast Iron and their tensile strength varies accordingly. Some varieties show the tensile strength of 5 tons per square inch, some show 19, but on an average their strength is 7 tons per square inch. However, addition of vanadium can increase the strength of Grey Cast Iron.

Resistance to Deformation
Grey Cast Iron is highly resistant to deformation and provides a rigid frame. However, if there is some construction related problem, then even Grey Cast Iron made structure can breakdown.

Low Melting Point
Grey Cast Iron has low melting point – 1140 ºC to 1200 ºC.

Resistance to Oxidation
Grey Cast Iron is highly resistant to rust, which is formed by the reaction of oxygen and Iron. It is a perfect solution to avoid the problem of corrosion.

Now, let’s look at the uses of Grey Cast Iron as per its class.

Uses of Grey Cast Iron:

Class 300 Grey Iron: Can be used in producing heavy-duty machine tools, bed, presses, high pressure hydraulic parts, frame, gears, bushings, piston rings, cams, crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, etc.

Class 200 and class 250 Grey Iron: Can be used in producing gear, cylinder, base, bed, flywheel, cylinder liners, cylinder block, pistons, brake wheel, gear boxes, pressure valve, coupling plate, etc.

Class 100 and class 150 Grey Iron: Suitable for producing cover body, protective cover, frame, hand wheels, hammer, floor, handle, box, frame, bed, bearing, pulleys, bench, pump body, pipe, valve, etc.

For the usage in above applications, quality Grey Cast Iron can be availed by various Grey Cast Manufacturers online. These Manufacturers provide the uncontaminated Grey Cast Iron that is useful for the construction of sturdy products.





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