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Articles in Jan. - Apr. 2018

  1. Cast Iron Hydrant Made in China - on Apr. 25, 2018
    Hydrant is a fixed fire hydrant equipment. It can control the burnable, to eliminate the ignition point. The material of cast iron hydrant includes grey iron and ductile iron.

  2. Cast Iron Belt Pulley Made in China - on Apr. 10, 2018
    Belt pulley is mainly used for long-distance power transmission, such as small diesel power output, tractor, agricultural vehicle, and mechanical processing equipments

  3. Cast Iron Pipe Fittings Made in China - on Apr. 10, 2018
    Pipe fittings are the accessories of connecting pipes. Pipe fittings usually include elbows, tee joints, four-way adapters, short tubes, sockets, bends, flanges and plugs, etc.

  4. Cast Iron Agricultural Machine Parts Made in China - on Apr. 09, 2018
    In China, you could find many types of agricultural machinery, such as tractors, weeding machines, and harvesters etc. the materials of agricultural machinery parts include grey iron, ductile iron and cast steel.

  5. Cast Iron Plates - on Apr. 09, 2018
    Dandong Foundry produced several types of cast iron plates for our clients in USA.

  6. Cast Iron Blocks - on Apr. 08, 2018
    Cast iron blocks are one type of iron castings with block shapes such as cubic, rectangle, spherical shapes. Most of cast iron blocks are used as the balance weights or called counter weights.

  7. Cast Iron Axle Support - on Apr. 08, 2018
    Cast iron axle support is also called as shaft bracket or shaft support. The type of axle support includes front axle support, rear axle support and rear pivot support.

  8. Grey Iron Counter Weight in China - on Apr. 03, 2018
    Counter weight is used to increase their own weight to maintain balance weights. It is also called as pullback weight, counter balance weight or just counterweight.

  9. Cast Iron Base in China - on Apr. 03, 2018
    The bases are the chassis of equipment or components, and used to install accessories for equipments. The bases made by cast iron are called as cast iron bases.

  10. Burner Grates for Gas Stove in China - on Mar. 30, 2018
    Gas stove burners and grates are usually made by cast iron. As for the most of iron foundries in China, these stove parts are not easy to produce since they have some special requirements to the rough castings.

  11. Cast Iron Elbow - on Mar. 27, 2018
    Cast iron elbow is also called as cast iron elbow pipe or pipe corner joint. All of them are the pipe fittings made by grey iron or ductile iron.

  12. Bearing Housing Casting - on Mar. 26, 2018
    Bearing housing can be made by made by cast iron, some are by cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel, aluminum and even by plastic.

  13. Cast Iron Flange - on Mar. 23, 2018
    How to purchase cast iron flange in China? Cast iron flange means the flange plate made by cast iron.

  14. Cast Iron Stove Grate - on Mar. 23, 2018
    Cast iron stove grates are usually made by grey iron ASTM A48 Class 20, 25, 30. Grey cast iron has good enameled properties, so can do the porcelain finish.

  15. Cast Iron Brackets - on Mar. 22, 2018
    Cast Iron Brackets are the main products of Dandong Foundry in China.

  16. Cast Iron Weight, Counter Weights - on Mar. 21, 2018
    Cast iron weight is also called as iron counter weight or cast iron counterweight.

  17. Pump Body & Pump Casing in China - on Mar. 21, 2018
    Pump body is also known as pump casing, pump shell. Water pump body is usually made by gray iron (grey iron) HT200 (ASTM NO.30, GG20, ISO200, FC200, GC200).

  18. Cast Iron Manhole Covers Made in Dandong Foundry - on Mar. 16, 2018
    Cast iron manholes are widely used in the drainage system. We made these manholes, covers and frames by grey iron (gray iron), which could reduce the costs and be wearable and have good resist deformation.

  19. Large Gray Iron Plates for Workholding Made by Dandong Foundry - on Mar. 16, 2018
    We made these large plates for our client in USA. Their material is Gray Iron Class 35, with Brinell hardness BH 160-220. Their weights are from 60kg to 300kg per piece.

  20. Crane Ball Made in Dandong Foundry - on Mar. 14, 2018
    Crane ball is the balance weight for the heavy-duty cranes. Their material are usually Gray Iron Class20 or called GG20.

  21. Tractor Gearbox made in China - on Mar. 14, 2018
    The main function of the gearbox is supporting the drive shaft to ensure that the center distance between the axis and parallel, and to ensure tractor gearbox components connected with other parts of the correct installation.

  22. Industrial Burners - on Mar. 13, 2018
    Industrial burners mean the natural gas burners or propane gas burners, which are used in industrial fields such as in hospital, restaurant, factories etc.

  23. Alloy Steel Closed Impeller, Cast Steel Foundry in China - on Mar. 08, 2018
    Cast Steel Shrouded Impeller, Stainless Steel Closed Impeller, Alloy Steel Impeller Castings, Steel Water Pump Casting Parts

  24. Ductile Iron Forklift Jib Casting Parts in China Foundry - on Mar. 07, 2018
    Ductile Iron Crane Spare Attachment, S.G. Iron Forklift Jib, Nodular Cast Iron Fork Arm Fittings, Iron Casting for Crane Parts

  25. Cast Iron Gas Burner Casting from Metal Foundry in China - on Mar. 07, 2018
    Cast Iron Gas Stove, Gas Stove Accessories, Ductile Iron Burner Casting, Gray Iron Stove Burner Parts

  26. Cast Steel OEM Custom Construction Hose Clamp in China Foundry - on Mar. 06, 2018
    Stainless Steel Pipe Parts, Cast Steel Construction Hose Clamp, Machinery Steel Castings, Steel Hose Clip, OEM Custom Alloy Steel Parts

  27. Stainless Steel Construction Hinge, Cast Steel Foundry in China - on Mar. 06, 2018
    Cast Steel Construction Hinge, Stainless Steel Fitting for Building, Precision Castings for Construction, Cast Steel Engineering Parts

  28. Cast Steel Industrial Metal Parts, Steel Casting Foundry in China - on Jan. 20, 2018
    Industrial Steel Casting, Cast Steel Products, Casting Steel Components, Stainless Steel Castings, Metal Casting Parts for Industry

  29. Ductile Iron Wheel Bearing Casting Supplier from China - on Jan. 20, 2018
    Ductile Iron Hub Bearing, S.G. Iron Wheel Bearing, Agriculture Machinery Wheel Bearing, Nodular Cast Iron Castings

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